• Promotional Logos

Agreement for Logo Use

Gospel Publishing House grants a non-exclusive license to churches only to use this artwork, hereafter referred to as "logos," for web use only. The use of this logo for commercial purposes or for use for any other event or purpose is not authorized.
Acceptance of this agreement is subject to the following terms:

1. To use logos indicates acceptance of this agreement.

2. You may not alter the appearance of the logos in any way. The logo must stand by itself so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects, including, but not limited to, type, photographs, illustrations, borders, and edges. You may not incorporate the logo or any of its parts into any other logo.

3. You agree to indemnify the Assemblies of God for any loss or damage caused to them arising out of your use of this logo.

4. Use of these logos on a church website is allowed ONLY for the purpose of identifying your church as offering or promoting the associated ministries. Under no circumstances should the associated logo link to a website other than the official website of the associated ministry (e.g.

5 . Gospel Publishing House reserves the right to revoke and terminate this agreement, in which case you will immediately thereafter cease any and all usage of the logos.