H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.
H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.
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H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.
By: Brad Lomenick

In his new book H3 LEADERSHIP: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle., Brad Lomenick shares his hard-earned insights from more than two decades of work alongside thought-leaders such as Jim Collins and Malcom Gladwell, Fortune 500 CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs. He categorizes 20 essential leadership habits organized into three distinct filters he calls “the 3 Hs”: Humble (Who am I?), Hungry (Where do I want to go?) and Hustle (How will I get there?). These powerful words describe the leader who is willing to work hard, get it done, and make sure it’s not about him or her; the leader who knows that influence is about developing the right habits for success. Lomenick provides a simple but effective guide on how to lead well in whatever capacity the reader may be in.

Product Details

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 9780718022259
Pub. Date: September 2015

Meet the Author

Brad Lomenick is a strategic advisor and leadership consultant specializing in influence, innovation, generational issues and business strategy. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences, churches and colleges as well as author of The Catalyst Leader. For over a decade, he served as lead visionary and president of Catalyst, one of America’s largest movements of Christian leaders. Under his watch, Catalyst convened hundreds of thousands of influencers through high-energy and experiential leadership conferences across the United States. Brad serves on the advisory board for Suffered Enough, the A21 Campaign, Red Eye Inc. and Praxis.

Table of Contents

Let the Transformation Begin
  1. A Habit of Self-Discovery: Know who you are
  2. A Habit of Openness: Share the real you with others
  3. A Habit of Meekness: Remember it’s not about you
  4. A Habit of Conviction: Stick to your principles
  5. A Habit of Faith: Prioritize your day so God is first
  6. A Habit of Assignment: Live out your calling
  1. A Habit of Ambition: Develop an appetite for what’s next
  2. A Habit of Curiosity: Keep learning
  3. A Habit of Passion: Love what you do
  4. A Habit of Innovation: Stay current, creative, and engaged
  5. A Habit of Inspiration: Nurture a vision for a better tomorrow
  6. A Habit of Bravery: Take calculated risks
  1. A Habit of Excellence: Set standards that scare you
  2. A Habit of Stick-with-it-ness: Take the long view
  3. A Habit of Execution: Commit to completion
  4. A Habit of Team Building: Create an environment that attracts and retains the best and brightest
  5. A Habit of Partnership: Collaborate with colleagues and competitors
  6. A Habit of Margin: Nurture healthier rhythms
  7. A Habit of Generosity: Leave the world a better place
  8. A Habit of Succession: Find power in passing the baton
Appendix: The Hard Work of Leadership
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