Better Marriage
Better Marriage
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Better Marriage: Against All Odds
by Kendall & Starla Bridges

Marriage is hard. The truth is, the odds are stacked against it. Everyone has a story, but not everyone is willing to remove the veil and share it. In Better Marriage, you will hear Kendall and Starla's story told from both sides. "It's not pretty. It's uncomfortable, but it's who we are." Their styles are different, but their story is the same. Together, they will help encourage you to build a better marriage by giving you practical steps to take in order to live out the marriage God intended for you to have.

"Our desire, our goal, our purpose is to help others. Believe us, we take no personal joy from sharing our ugliest moments as a couple, but there is great joy in knowing that in some small way we have helped someone know that they are not alone. There is hope for a better marriage, and you will get through this one step, one day, and one victory at a time. So, get a hot cup of coffee or tea, come sit down across the table from us, and let us tell you our story."
—Kendall and Starla Bridges

Product Details

Format: paperback
Pages: 170
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780692754375
Publisher: Kendall & Starla Bridges
Pub. Date: July 5, 2016

Meet the Authors

Kendall & Starla Bridges are the lead pastors of Freedom Church in Carrollton, Texas, (North Dallas) and serve together in ministry with their four children, two daughters- in-law, son-in-law and seven grandchildren (and counting).

Table of Contents

Forward by George O. Wood

PART I: Starla's Chapters 1-10
  1. Fairytale Schmairytale
  2. Tsunami
  3. Vertigo
  4. Different
  5. Transparent—Q&A
  6. Drop That Rock
  7. Over My Dead Body
  8. Fans? Freinds? Family!
  9. Bitter or Better?
10. My "Just Right"

PART II: Kendall's Chapters 11-21
11. Scars
12. Destroying Her Gifts
13. Don't Buy the Lie
14. Boundaries
15. Warning Signs!
16. Will This Always Be Thrown In My Face!
17. Contemplating Suicide
18. Consequences
19. Embrace the Shame
20. You Can't Rush the Process
21. The Restoration Process

PART III: Kendall and Starla's Chapters 22-26
22. Let's Stay Together
23. Man In The Mirror
24. We're On the Same Team
25. Against All Odds
26. Ministry Again With a Mask-Off Approach

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