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Sign Language Made Simple, Book & DVD
Sign Language Made Simple, Book & DVD
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Sign Language Made Simple, Book & Practice DVD
by Edgar D. Lawrence

Have signed conversations with Deaf signers through the emphasis on communication Sign Language Made Simple provides.

Learning is fast and simple because the grammar of American Sign Language (ASL) is omitted. The book teaches the signs of ASL with English grammar—in sentences. This “Contact Signing” is commonly used by Deaf and hearing signers when they converse. Each participant accommodates the other.

In less than one year, you can know over 1,500 basic ASL signs, the Manual Alphabet and numbers, and use them to make rewarding contact with people of a unique culture.

The Practice DVD features a professional interpreter who is your tutor and coach. Each time you complete a lesson in the book, you can join your DVD coach for practice. As you sign and speak the sentences together, you make the correct movements, establish them in your memory, and easily acquire fluency. To gain understanding of signed messages, you can turn off the sound and “read” your tutor’s signing. This prepares you for two-way communication with Deaf signers.

Learn independently at your own pace, or in a group or class.

Product Details

Format: Hardcover & DVD Video
Pages: 268
Size: 7 x 10¾
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: February 13, 2018
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