Dancing with My Daddy
Dancing with My Daddy
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!DONTSEARCH By Valery Murphy

Can a daughter’s relationship with her father influence her view of the Divine? Harry’s post- war life was littered with brokenness and grief, loss and rejection. A British soldier in World War II, he was captured by Nazi forces in France as he defended his country at both Dunkirk and St Valery in 1940. He struggled with inner conflict and anger, which often threatened to destroy his relationships and family. Now, as he danced his ten-year-old little girl around the ballroom of a ship journeying from Britain to a new life in Australia, he left an eternal impression.

Dancing with My Daddy contrasts both the endearing and imperfect and explores how each of us can grow and learn from life’s relationships, as we see our Abba (‘Daddy’) in Heaven a little more clearly.

Hard cover, 176 pages. 5 5/8 x 8 3/4"

Author Bio: Valery and Michael, married for 31 years, have three children, all grown and involved in ministry in volunteer and vocational capacities. Today, she travels the world mentoring, coaching and encouraging others. Whether speaking to a small gathering of women living in urban poverty or to conferences, churches and groups, Valery is passionate about every person experiencing life transformation through Christ, and the total freedom and wholeness that comes with a personal relationship with God.

Available in Spanish

Un baile con mi papá
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