Volume 17-2015  BGMC Missions Manual on two data DVDs
Volume 17-2015 BGMC Missions Manual on two data DVDs
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The BGMC Missions Manual now comes on two date DVDs (for your computer) so it can fit so much more than ever before! This missions curriculum is a great resource to teach your kids about missions.

NEW THIS YEAR: 5-in-1 PowerPoints® so you can play the entire BGMC lesson from one PowerPoint® presentation! Slides include: (1) a countdown video; (2) a video clip featuring that country or ministry; (3) slides showing the daily life, interesting facts, and photos from that country plus photos of what BGMC has done in the country; (4) True Missions Story in audio with automatic slide progression; (5) Scripture picture and Digital Verse Traxx (with high-tech music and backgrounds). Formerly, you had to purchase the video clips and Digital Verse Traxx on a separate DVD. These are now FREE and included with the lesson. PowerPoints® come in PPTX format for MAC and PC. Also included is the PPT format for PowerPoint® 2003 (PC). This PPT version does not include videos or audio.

These data DVDs contain 12 elementary missions lessons, one bonus AGUSM lesson, and 12 preschool lessons. Also included are country facts, the history of missions in that country, photos, puppet scripts, recipes, true missions stories, objects lessons, maps, activity pages, games played in that country, words for that country, Scripture pictures, thank you letters, and Winnie’s newsletter. The DVDs also contain lots of bonus features such as additional slide presentations, bonus video clips, BGMC clip art, and more. This manual is reproducible for classroom use only.

Also included on these DVDs are the lessons and the True Missions Stories in Spanish.

Lessons in this manual (in order): Canary Islands, Bolivia, Africa Oasis Project, Pakistan, Togo, Romania, Mongolia, El Salvador, South Africa, Honduras, Philippines, and Iceland
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