Enrichment - Summer 2012: Twenty-first Century Challenges to the Gospel
Enrichment - Summer 2012: Twenty-first Century Challenges to the Gospel
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The world gets smaller every day. Advances in technology make communication across great distances instantaneous. Increasing access to education exposes people to a variety of religions, worldviews, and ideologies. And immigration across national boundaries brings people from very different cultures into close proximity with one another.

As the world gets smaller, Christians must face new ideas that challenge their understanding of God and His purposes for humanity. The summer 2012 issue of Enrichment examines some of those ideas, especially ones that challenge core elements of the gospel. Its theme is “Twenty-first-Century Challenges to the Gospel.”

Craig Keener kicks off the issue by using John 3:16 to explain what the gospel is. Other authors reply to specific challenges to the gospel: atheism (Paul Copan), Calvinism (Roger Olson and Waldermar Kowalski), rationalistic critiques of the Atonement (Frank Macchia and Joseph Davis), annihilationalism (Jim Railey), universalism (George Paul Wood), Buddhism (Alan Johnson), Islam (Joseph Cumming), pluralism (Ivan Satyavarata), and indifference to personal evangelism (Randy Hurst). George O. Wood concludes the issue with reflections on the practical importance of sound theology.

The summer 2012 issue of Enrichment will inform you about challenges to the gospel and equip you to respond to them in a biblical way.
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