Enrichment, Fall 2012
Enrichment, Fall 2012
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Enrichment, Volume 17, Number 4 (Fall 2012)
Enriching and equipping Spirit-filled ministers

The fall 2012 issue of Enrichment will address various aspects of the often-tense relationship between faith and science in Western culture. This issue will feature a debate between three prominent Christian scientists about the biblical and scientific evidence for the age of the earth. This debate will illuminate basic issues in the faith-science relationship. Other articles will address models for understanding the relationship of faith and science, how Assemblies of God scientists integrate their faith with their scientific profession, how to minister in a scientifically literate culture, and how to respond to New Atheist misuses of science.

Featured Articles

InDepth Faith & Science: Interpreting God's Word and God's World
  • Introduction—by George O. Wood
  • I. The Relationship Between Faith & Science
  • Faith and Science: Friend of Foe?—by Amos Yong
  • A Dialogue on Faith and Science—by Steve Krstulovich, Cecil Miller, & Christina M.H. Powell
  • II. The Earth's Age: Various Evangelical Positions
  • The Case for a Young Earth—by Kurt P. Wise
  • The Case for Day-Age Creation—by Hugh Ross
  • The Case for an Old Earth (The Literary Framework Interpretation)—by Davis A. Young
  • III. Ministry in a Scientific Age: Practical Issues
  • Preparing young People for a Life of Faith—by Michael Tenneson
  • Science and the Pulpit: Ministering to Scientifically Literate People—by Christina M.H. Powell
  • Four Truths About the Religion and Science Debate—by John Mark Reynolds
  • IV. Defense of Faith Against "New Atheist" Science
  • Does Science Prove That God Does Not Exist? A Look at Richard Dawkins—by Gregory E. Ganssle
  • Is Religious Belief Just a Brain Function?—by Paul Copan
  • Navigating Sam Harris' The Moral Landscapeby William Lane Craig
  • Science, Doubt & Miracles—by Timothy McGrew
  • A Final Word A Pentecostal Way Forward Through the Challenges of Science—by George Paul Wood
  • Lead Long...Lead Strong Social Networking—by Scott Hagan
  • Clergy, Church & Law The Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling—by Richard R. Hammar
  • Moving Leaders Forward What To Do When Your Team Says It Cannot Be Done—by Glenn Reynolds
  • On Preaching Where Do You Start?—by Doug Green
  • Managing the Mayhem of Ministry Your Leadership Legacy—by Cal LeMon
  • Well Connected 10 Steps to Better Networking—by Justin Lathrop
  • Q&A For Ministry Wives I'm Having Trouble Balancing Ministry and a Career— by Gariele Rienas
  • In Context The Birth of Jesus—by Marc Turnage
  • Ministry & Medical Ethics Measuring Responsibility: Moral Agency and the Brain—by Chritina M.H. Powell
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